4th of July Packing Date
Saturday, JUNE 6, 2015
Good items to collect:
Easter candy (purchased as after Easter sale items--hard candy only since chocolate melts in summer temperatures), baby wipes, Gatorade/Crystal light drink mix, plastic funnels (to help them pour beverages into canteens), Gold Bond powder, non-aerosol athlete foot medication & sunscreen, fly , swatters, small patriotic decorations, handmade patriotic cards and/or artwork made sugarless), toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, Blistex/Chapstick, patriotic artwork made by children, notes/letters of appreciation & encouragement, monetary donations
Halloween Shipment
Saturday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015
Good items to collect:
Coffee, tea, creamer/sugar, granola/protein bars, instant soups, Pringles potato chips, nuts, Halloween candy (all types), gum (regular and sugar free), small bottles of lotion /shampoo / conditioner/ mouthwash (acquired from hotels), Halloween artwork made by children, notes/letters of appreciation & encouragement, monetary donations
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Proud Shreveport Supporters of Our Troops
Operation Support Our Troops, Inc. was founded to help improve the morale and welfare of members of the armed forces of the United States of America deployed in harm's way. We accomplish our mission by sending care packages — a touch, a taste and a smell of home — as well as personal messages of support, and items that are not readily available to our troops in their deployed locations.
Operation Support Our Troops, Inc. also supports our wounded service members. The first stop for our wounded soldiers is at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. We support them there and continue that support as they journey toward recovery at military installations in the United States.
Our mission is to support our armed forces, wherever they may be and in whatever way possible, so that they can focus on the mission at hand and return safely to loved ones when their job is done.
Contact Us
Email:  info@osot-shreveport.org
Phone: 318-219-7488