CHRISTMAS 2018 Packing Date
Saturday, November 17, 2018

Good items to collect:
boxes of individual packs of Crystal Light, tuna in foil packs, instant hot chocolate mix/coffee/tea, containers of coffee cream and sugar, snack crackers, sunflower seeds, trail mix/nuts, tube socks (must be new in package), Gold Bond powder, shaving gel (in a tube - NO aerosol), Non-Religious Christmas cards for troops to send home, Blistex/Chapstick, artwork made by children (patriotic, red/white/blue, or Christmas themed NON-Religious), Pringles Potato Chips, disposable razors, granola/energy bars, BEEF jerky (NO pork), notes/letters of appreciation and encouragement.

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Email:  info@osot-shreveport.org
Phone: 318-219-7488

Troops Say "Thanks!"

Here are excerpts from actual Thank You notes/letters from troops who have received OSOT, Inc. – Shreveport Chapter care packages:

"We are in a very isolated combat outpost and cannot buy the things you have sent us.  We will never forget the box and messages.  We all thank you here from the bottom of our hearts.

“We are all so grateful to everyone who had a hand in sending these packages out to us.  It really makes us feel good to know that people back home in the states care.”  

 “The care package was awesome and greatly appreciated.  Candy can definitely bring a smile to a soldier’s face.”  

“We have soldiers from our company spread throughout southern Afghanistan.  Some are in locations where they must eat Afghani food and only shower once every 3 days.  Your care packages will go a long way toward making life just a little better here.  I am humbled to know you all are thinking of us.  I am extremely proud of our soldiers and all they are doing to win this war.  Thank you for sharing that pride and giving us your support.”

"Thank you for your care packages and support.  The packages have tons of great items.  It really raises the morale of the troops when we get packages.  It’s patriots like yourselves that keep our country the best in the world.”  

“We would like to take a moment to express our sincerest gratitude for the wonderful care packages that were sent.  They were totally unexpected… We appreciate the time and effort that you invested to organize and send those packages out.  We’re comforted to know that there are people out there who care.  The items you sent wee not only needed but were a great morale booster as well.  You’ll be happy to know that the supplies have been split up into multiple care packages and are being sent to our troops on other outsights.”  

“These small gestures of good will and support boost our morale and remind us of home.  They carry with them a message that is greater than the sum of the contents.  They let us know we are missed, that someone somewhere remembers that we are here in this place, struggling to free a nation from itself and its violent history.  On those days that care packages arrive, the mood of the day changes.  It allows us a moment of respite from the day to day work that we do in service to our country.  The candy, snacks and other “goodies” are appreciated more than you can ever know… We thank all of you who give just a little bit of your time to fill these boxes.  We thank all of you who send us hope and lift our spirits.”  
Please help us continue OSOT, Inc.’s mission to boost morale and show support to our deployed military.  Thank You!